The Titanium dioxide is white pigment which uses in paints, inks, plastic, rubber, paper industrial applications, it has not only outstanding physical, optical, and chemical properties but also high hinding power, excellent dispersibility and whiteness. We sell titanium dioxide of the sulpate process and the chloride process by Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd(ISK) in Japan. Moreover we have the functional products are used the titanium dioxide technology.
Titanium Yellow

As a major Tio2 manufacturer, ISK is dedicated to developing new materials with versatile functions, using titanium dioxide technology. We have marketed these products in many different industries and adapted them to many commercial applications.

Beyond serving the chemical industries, we share the philosophy of people all over the world that environmentally friendly development is a necessity. Our functional materials are aimed at achieving that goal by protecting and purifying the earth, conserving energy, and ultimately, improving our lives.

Through the development of our functional materials, we have become familiar with many different personal and commercial needs and put great effort into applying our technology to meet them.

dddddddUltrafine Particle Size Titanium Dioxide
dddddddElectro-conductive Titanium Dioxide
dddddddUltra-high Purity Titanium Dioxide
dddddddAcicular Type Titanium Dioxide
dddddddTitanium Dioxide for Catalytic Use
dddddddInorganic Antimicrobial Titanium Dioxide Powder
dddddddPhotocatalytic Titanium Dioxide