Welcome to the Union Chemical's homepage.

As a result of merger in 2001, we have changed our name from Chemical Trading Co, LTD to Union Chemical Corp. This new identity and logo serves to highlight the transformation of the Company into a truly technology oriented organization specializing in the fine chemical industry.

Union Chemical provides the intermediate chemicals and services in various areas of fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, dye, trade, and environmental engineering. We are expanding into global business activities through strategic and technological cooperation in business areas both in Korea and around the world.

In the 21st century, Union Chemical, its management and employees are committed to a dynamic process of improvement - a continuous restructuring to strengthen our business structure and practices to ensure company profitability for many more years to come. With the above commitment as our foundation, Union Chemical will continue to lead the fine chemical industry; yield maximum returns to shareholders; provide for the satisfaction and confidence of our employees and partners; and most importantly, deliver the highest quality products for our customers.

Watch our progress carefully! We feel sure that you will not be disappointed.
Thank you again for ongoing interests in Union Chemical.


Best regards,

Union Chemical Corporation, CEO GYU SOUNG HWANG