The importance of the whisker as a reinforcing material has been recognized by various industries due to recent progress of material diversification. ISK has succeeded in developing an acicular type titanium dioxide FTL products with our proprietary technology. The FTL products perform as optimum reinforcing material..

  Characteristics Names Usage
FTL SERIES dd Our FTL products are white acicular rutile
ddddTio2. They have excellent physical and
ddddchemical stability.
dd Our FTL products have superior strength
ddddto other whiskers.
dd Our FTL products have a high aspect ratio
ddddeven though the particle are relatively
ddddshorter than other materials. Therefore,
ddddthe products are suitable for applications
ddddwhere an extremely small or thin size is
ddddnecessary. Furthermore, the products are
dddddesigned to offer excellent surface
ddddsmoothness in paint applications.
d Plastics, Ceramics,
d Paints, Paper, Rubber
ddddand Catalysts
d Other usages
dddd(especially where
dddddurability is nessary)
d(treated with Al2O3)