Anti-electrostatic measures have become very important due to the highly developed electonics in offices, factories and even in our homes. ISK has succeeded in developing three types electro-conductive materials: ET series, FT series, SN series and FS series in order to meet those needs in various fields.


Our electro-conductive materials are not affected in electroconductivity by humidity because of their
electronic conduction and have excellent physical and chemical stability.

  Characteristics Names Usage
ET series
ET products (Spherical) are surface-coated with an electro-conductive layer of tin oxide on rutile titanium dioxide. Their whiteness makes coloring very easy and they offer outstanding smoothness of the surface, especially when used in paint and textile ET-500W
Anti-electrostatic paints

Anti-electrostatic plastics

Anti-electrostatic textile

Anti-electrostatic fillers
FT series
FT products (Acicular) are surface-coated with an electro-conductive layer of tin oxide on the acicular titanium dioxide uniquely developed by ISK. The whiteness of FT makes coloring very easy. FT products maintain their acicular shape even after dispersion and provide excellent electro-conductivity in comparatively small amount. Because the shape is acicular, they are expected to be very effective as reinforcing materials. FT-1000
SN (Ultrafine) &
FS(Fine acicular)
SN products (Ultrafine) are electro-conductive particles tin oxide. Their particle size is 0.01 to 0.03 microns and they have excellent electro conductivity and transparency. ISK offers both a powder type and a water-dispersed type.FS products (Fine acicular) are transparent tin oxide with electroconductivity, and uniquely manufactured by ISK. In comparison with spherical materials, FS products show a greater advantage in providing a sufficient anti-electrostatic effect with much smaller contents. SN-100P